Connecting Cloudflare to a Godaddy domain that is managed by Wordpress


New Cloudflare user. I am going to be using cloudflare to manage my DNS records so that I can setup a home cloud server for my business. One thing I am having trouble with is that I have a go daddy domain but this domain’s DNS settings are handled through wordpress. This is where the name servers are currently pointing.

I have a bunch of subdomains setup through wordpress to various sites and applications I use. But when I tried to change my name servers to the cloudflare ones it completely bricked my site. I lost complete access to the admin page on wordpress.

I saw issues where people were getting a redirect error but I wasn’t getting any of that, just that wordpress thought I no longer had a site at all. Please let me know what further information you need. And any help is greatly appreciated.

what is the domain name ?

As this looks to be a site, you’ll likely need to follow these instructions to get this working:

This is what I did and it did not work. Here is what cloudflare shows upon import and what my DNS settings look like in WP.

Could another issue be that I have a separate domain forwarding to my main domain?

I.E. is forwarded to

It looks to me like a lot of records haven’t been replicated at Cloudflare and so changing your nameservers will break things. You’ll want to first make sure that each CNAME you previously had has also been entered in your DNS zone with Cloudflare, and then try this again.

Have you also tried steps 2-5 in the Cloudflare support article previously linked, which will give you the recommended setup of a CNAME record instead of A records for your base domain?

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