Connecting Cloudflare & Shortpixel WP Plugin

Hi there, I have a question about the Cloudflare API, I am using 1 Cloudflare account with many websites on it - do I need to make a Cloudflare Token for each of the websites for using Shortpixel? Or I can just use 1 token for all???

I already made one token, as Shortpixel describes, for one of my websites, can I use the same token for all of them?

Thank you!


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if all the domain names / Websites are using Cloudflare, and are under the same Cloudflare account? :thinking:

From what Ive used for and tested, while creating the API Token, related to the Permissions, under the Zone Resources you can include all of your zones, therefrom the API Token should be valid and working for them or those specific which you select.

Thank you for your reply!!!
Yes, all of the websites are under the same Cloudflare account - how do you verify that your idea works?

Id create a new API Token, include all the zones from my account and try the basic GET with either a Postman application or some other to make a simple basic request and see if it applies and works for all of the inluced zones (like a POST request, for example creating a new A type DNS record to all of them or some other).

In your case, login to the WP, navigate to the Shortpixel page and connect at least 2-3 domains using the same API Token and see if it works as expected.

Im sorry, that sounds very complicated for me :joy:

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