Connecting Cloudflare domain to my Etsy page

Attempting to connect/redirect my url to my Etsy homepage, but cannot find Hostname/Nameserver or IP Value listed anywhere on the Etsy website

The only thing I’m seeing is a premium ($) plan for using Pattern by Etsy, which is an entire store backpage. Since I’m considering building a Shopify page as I progress, I will eventually be re-directing to Shopify, but for now - all I want is my custom CF domain to direct to my Etsy homepage.

Can anyone help shed some light? This community is always helpful, I’m just not seeing anything that addresses this direct issue. Sorry if I’m missing something that’s already posted.

Just found this update on Etsy’s page, which suggests I need to reach out to Cloudflare to connect the DNS manually. Now I’m really confused.

How to Redirect Your Domain to Your Etsy Shop

If you own a [web domain] you can redirect your domain URL to your Etsy shop URL.

Generally, you can do this through your domain hosting company by setting up a redirect to your Etsy shop’s URL. Review your domain host’s documentation to learn how to redirect your URL.

### **What happens when I set up a domain redirect?**

When a domain redirect is set up, the web browser will direct one domain name to another. This gives the owner of a domain the ability to point their existing domain towards another domain.

For example, if you set up a redirect of your domain to point towards your Etsy shop link, when someone types in your domain name (example url) they’ll be brought directly to your Etsy shop.

### **How do I set up a domain redirect?**

To set up a domain redirect, contact your domain provider and supply them with your [Etsy shop link] so they can establish a successful redirect for you.

This process is handled entirely by your domain provider, so they’ll be able to assist you with any issues.

Can I redirect to my Etsy shop using an Etsy IP address?

No, we can’t provide the IP address, nameservers, or DNS information for individual shops. This method of redirecting only works when you own both domains. Connecting your site via an IP address would redirect the entire Etsy site to your domain.

Your domain host should be able to help you redirect URLs without using nameserver or DNS information.

Do I need to use Etsy Plus or Pattern to redirect a domain to my Etsy shop?

No, you don’t need to use Etsy Plus or Pattern to redirect a domain to your Etsy shop.