Connecting cloudflare and namecheap with CNAME

Hi, i’ve been trying to connect cloudflare to namecheap.
I’ve created a CNAME and its active in cloudflare.
I’ve used the NS nameservers and put them in namecheap as custom DNS.

Is this correct?

Namecheap said my domain is connected.
So I’m asking here, am I meant to use the NS nameservers?

Well, maybe but I got the current nameservers returned instead of Cloudflare one’s:

If you recently changed them, maybe we need to wait some time due to DNS propagation time.

The Cloudflare nameservers need to be added under Custom DNS - as you stated, example of:

But maybe you forgot to click the green :white_check_mark: checkmark right next to it to save them?

A Namecheap guide can be found here:

As far as I understand, you want to load a content from one domain at another using a CNAME record?

I clicked the green tick :slight_smile:

Hi fritexvz, has it connected to hypeddit ?

yes i believe so

its been 48 hrs since I did this. so i’ll wait a little longer

Hi again, still haven’t connected.
I have attached the DNS errors found and I don’t understand it at all.

Can you help correct this situation?

Hi there, I’ve created a CNAME (a subdomain) and it won’t connect to the domain I want it to.

NAME - music
target -

I’ve attached a screenshot of my DNS records errors.

I need help as I know nothing about this!

Your domain still isn’t using Cloudflare’s name servers. Nothing in your DNS settings here will do anything if you’re not using Cloudflare DNS.

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