Connecting a domain to Cloudflare & another website

So I have a domain that is registered in google domains. I connected the domain through wordpress which is a site building platform, but the only way to connect the domain to the wordpress is to switch over my settings on google domains from custom name servers to default. Switching over my settings will disable cloudflare from using the domain which is connected to hypeddit which allows me to run fb ads using my domain.
The only way I know how to connect cloudflare to google domains is to use custom name servers but Wordpress needs to use the domains default name servers. I can’t choose both and I’m not sure how to fix this issue. Right now I’m running ads but my website is not accessible.

Does anyone know what to do so the domain can work on both browsers?
Any help will be appreciated & thank you in advance!

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What are you calling the default nameservers? You are correct that you will not be able to use Cloudflare if you are not using Cloudflare nameservers (or a partial CNAME setup on a business plan).

Are you talking about WordPress dot com hosted by Automattic or a self-hosted WordPress dot org site? If it is the former, you need to use this method.

What does this mean?

thank you for your reply!
My default name servers are the ones cloudflare gave to me in order to connect my domain to cloudflare.

It is wordpress(dot)com

what I meant by both browsers: I want the domain to be connected to wordpress and cloudflare at the same time

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Did you have success following the guide I shared?

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