Connecting a domain I bought from Cloudflare to my WIX website

Hey, I recently bought a domain at Cloudflare and I’m trying to connect it to my website made on WIX. I used my entire life Google Domains, which always made the process so easy—Cloudflare is giving me hard time.

WIX is asking me to add custome namerservers, but to do that here I need to have the Business plan (which costs a lot). And then I found a video on YouTube saying I can take the IP from my website and record a DNS with it, but WIX doesn’t show what my website IP is.

It makes no sense to me that I really have to pay $200 to be able to use the domain that I bought, so it surely has another way to connect the domain. Can anyone help me with that?

WIX should have a CNAME option to point to your site there. I believe those CNAME records will have to be :grey: DNS Only:


Just to make this clear, even on the business plan you cannot change your nameservers. Custom nameservers are still Cloudflare nameservers, just with your own vanity domain.


Just did that and it worked. However, now my website has no SSL certificate. Do you know why that might’ve happened? Is it related to pointing the domain?

Now I changed my SSL/TLS status from flexible to full because I had no SSL active on my website. However, by doing this I get a Invalid “SSL certificate Error code 526” from my host, which I don’t know if it is Cloudflare or WIX), but I do know that if I change back to flexible the website works again, but with no SSL. What should I do?

Change it to Full (strict) and best don’t ever touch that setting again. Every other setting is unsafe.

You fix the “Invalid SSL Certificate” error by then installing a valid SSL certificate on your server, for example a Cloudflare Origin Certificate:

That is generally good advice. The part about setting it to Full (strict) and never changing it still applies. Unfortunately it is not possible to manually install certificates on Wix. It is a completely closed platform.

The underlying issue here is the :orange: proxied hostnames. You cannot use the Cloudflare proxy with Wix. They are not compatible. The required setting was mentioned earlier.

You may find this Wix article helpful.


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