"Connected" to WARP but it's actually not working

i use WARP with Windows 11 regularly for better internet experience all across the board, this morning (my timezone is Western Indonesian Time-GMT+7 , which should translate to around evening US) my WARP isn’t working as it usually does.

what i notice the difference, and why i notice something isn’t right.

  1. my Latency to certain online game bumps up from the usual 100ms with WARP, to 300~ms that’s usually only possible if i somehow forgot to turn on my WARP client.
  2. can’t access certain website which blocks Indonesia’s IP address, which isn’t usually the case with WARP turned on.

this is my browser history from a couple days ago indicating that i can access this website perfectly fine with WARP before today.

  1. searching “where am i” on google shows up my actual neighborhood, which is unusual, with WARP working as usually does, google will detect that i’m in Singapore- which is where the closest WARP server that i usually connect to.

additional information.

  1. Tracert to

Tracing route to one.one.one.one []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 21 ms 21 ms 21 ms one.one.one.one []

  1. [ help]

  1. Results are the same whether if i’m accessing the website on my Windows 11 PC, or my phone with the same connection (both Cloudflare app are updated to the latest version)

I am also having a similar problem. I am a MAC user. I just installed the program. Everything looks normal. The connection seems to be OK, but my location does not change. that’s why the sites that do not have service in my country do not open. I don’t know why this happened. please help.

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