Connected to Cloudflare and my website broke

Hi there,

I was considering linking my website up to Cloudflare but changed my mind as I didn’t want to faff about with the DNS settings. However, after i removed my website, My entire website went down.

It now says “Error establishing a database connection”, when I try to go on it, and I am completely unable to access it from my host and also Wordpress.

Can someone please help? I asked my host for help and they aren’t sure what the issue is

Did you change the nameservers back to what they were set to before?

What is the domain?

I think so, however it is now showing errors with the DNS files. It says “Your hostname contains important info from Cloudflare and it is not allowed to coexist with other records”.

The domain is Moving-forwards .com

Oh you said nameservers - I didn’t change the nameservers, I disconnected my site as I didn’t want to mess around changing stuff.

If you didn’t change the nameservers, then adding the domain to Cloudflare shouldn’t have caused any problems.

You are using Ezoic (and pointing at their Cloudflare CNAME for so I guess it’s possible something broke there when you added the domain to Cloudflare. However the apex domain points direct at some hosting that appears to be at Hostgator and that seems to be where the database error message is coming from.

I guess you’d need to check what hostname the database is trying to connect to (usually should be localhost but some installs use the domain name and that can then get broken when things get messed up), but others may know more.

Thank you for the reply - yeah Hostgator is my host, and yeah the database is local host. So what would you recommend doing? I got into contact with Hostgator and they said they have no idea what the problem is

If the database is set to localhost and the database is there, then there’s not much anyone can do from the outside to debug it. But the site seems to be working now anyway.