Connected Google Workspace email does not work

On September 30 my Gmail (from Google Workspace) stopped working, cannot receive any emails. The workspace is created for my domain that is hosted on Cloudflare (but originally was bought on Whois).

Google says i have to update MX records for my domain in Cloudflare to make it work again and reactivate Gmail. The thing is, those records have been there for almost 2 years and have not changed. They are still there. But Google cannot reactivate Gmail for some reason.

I contacted their support, they say my MX records are absent. So they advised to contact Cloudflare support.

What is your domain?

My domain is cybearsoft com

That domain expired on September 29th. Login to your domain registrar to renew it.

Expires On:2023-09-29
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Okay, got it, thank you.

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