Connected domain name to Cloudflare, how can I point to VPS?

I have registered a GoDaddy domain name and connected to Cloudflare by changing the nameservers. Now, I need to point to my hosting, which is Hostinger VPS. How can I do it without replacing the nameservers?

Note: I am a noncoder, little to nothing about code, just following steps online till now.

You need to configure the right DNS entries.

If you are not too familiar with that, I’d advise against running a VPS however.

So, what I’m understanding here is that I will go to Cloudflare, add an custom DNS and point to my sever? I am not sure about the “configure the right DNS” meaning in this situation.

Do you have any articles, guides or any similiar case studies like mine?

That is correct, you need to add whatever DNS entries you want to use and point them towards your server.

DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs has more on that.

However, before you proceed is your server actually properly configured?

Thanks for your detailed response.
About the server, I just bought them and haven’t done anything yet. Do I need to notice anything about configuring my server so it will not break when pointing to it?

Yes, you need to configure the entire server, so that it securely serves the site. That’s why I suggested rather a managed service.

I would pause Cloudflare for now, configure DNS, and make sure everything is properly configured on the server. Once your site actually loads fine on HTTPS when paused you can unpause Cloudflare.

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Okay, so what I have to do here is set up my server correctly, then I pause it, give it a test to make sure it is okay, and then turn on the Cloudflare.
One more question while pausing it: I still configure DNS records on Cloudflare. Or do I have to disconnect my domain to Cloudflare, point directly to the server, then make sure it ok before adding Cloudflare again?

I just want to clarify that pausing Cloudflare doesn’t affect creating a DNS record.

No, you still configure everything on Cloudflare. As long as it is paused, Cloudflare does not route it via the proxies, but DNS is still handled by Cloudflare.

If it’s okay with you, you can also temporarily post the domain and IP address here.

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