Connected Canva website with Zaraz -triggers are not working

I connected a canva website with cloudflare and activate Zaraz.
I wanted to add triggers. But the triggers say “No data found” under “Activity last 24h”

I am especially worried that the system trigger “Pageview” is not showing any data:

Do you have an idea how to solve that?

Thank you very much!

It looks like your domain isn’t proxied by Cloudflare.

It looks like it is now, but is getting a 525 error at apex and www.

Direct Zaraz installation on Canva sites is a no-go.
To use Zaraz with auto injection you need your DNS to be orange-clouded - proxied by Cloudflare.
But Canva does not support any proxy in front of it, when you turn on proxy your domain connection with Canva stop working.

So you can not use any Cloudflare feature or functionality besides DNS-Only.

And using CNAME directed to your free Canva sub-domain also doesn’t work because Zaraz won’t load due to security issues.