Connect Wix website with CloudFare


I’ve created a website in Wix, followed all the instructions to connect my domain purchased in Cloudflare but it has been impossible to connect the website with the domain. I’ve tried about 4 times in Wix and the result now is that there’s no SSL certificate.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Try setting your records that point to Wix to “DNS only” and not “Proxied” so Wix can validate you’ve set them correctly.

Otherwise, what is the domain?

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My domain is and when I use the WhoIs website, it reveals that is resolving.

But now the message is that Safari can’t establish a secured connection to that URL.

I was reading about that and it seems to be a DNS problem.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

Your DNS records are correctly set to “DNS only” (so requests don’t pass through Cloudflare and instead go direct to the server), so if they match what Wix has told you to set, then you’ll need to ask them.


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