Connect WARP to a private network following Tutorial unsuccessfully

I’ve been using Cloudflare Tunnels to proxy HTTP traffic without any issue, and I’ve wanted to start using WARP in place of a VPN for other non-http services, but following the guide I have been unsuccessful.

I’ve completed all the steps and can confirm the tunnel is running, but I am unable to ping the host that the Cloudflare tunnel is running on, which is for sure in address range of the CIDR specified.

What I see is this if I try to access an address in the CIDR range through a web browser: A 502 bad gateway error that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere on the forums as a common error for WARP.

I’m not sure what the bad gateway implies since all connections to generate this message. And it doesn’t matter if the Tunnel that is setup in the tutorial is up or down.

Ultimately I want to be able to connect to arbitrary TCP services on my private network, but it seems that something is blocking it. I cannot tell what though. There are no other firewalls enabled between the WARP client and destination I am trying to ping.

I can tell some form of firewall filtering by Cloudflare is working because removing and adding domains/addresses from the Split Tunnels exclusion list affects the accessibility of some non-CIDR web-services that don’t like going through the WARP tunnel.

Does anyone know what I can do to resolve the 502 bad gateway error in this scenario?

Updating Cloudflared resolved this. I was on an older 2021 version.

What are the two versions being discussed here? I believe might be facing the same issue. I now have installed the Beta WARP+ App to see if this solved my issue. I am getting the same results as above. Just wondering if they might be possibly related. As error browser working connection seems ok, yet my side fails to respond in a timely manner, the Cloudflare error page claim. Is this what is actually occurring or is the response blocked? What is odd? Recently the fresh beta install said there was an update. When applying this update not only did it take an hour to successfully download but upon install the app was completely useless in the end. Nothing worked. License was fine and exact same setting yet no communication with the DNS. Very rarely do you see an update to a beta and why so long to download? Colocation Center & Public IP Address are blank? Is this a encryption key reset thing? Wanted to ask before creating a bigger issue. For now uninstalled WARP App and reinstalled fresh beta. Or is the beta the problem? What is the issue and if such an update why is it not reflect on the beta site download area? Thanks!