Connect to minecraft server without open ports on router and not spectrum - any way?

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Is there a way to use a Cloudflared tunnel to setup a Minecraft server on local host? The game software requires both an address and a port to be given for connection and I don’t know if this can be passed onto my local Minecraft server for my children to get access without port forwarding on the router.

I have the Cloudflared add-on in home assistant working perfectly and it is awesome, but unfortunately the nukkit pocket edition server that they’ve been asking for forever to be installed is working - but I don’t really want to go back to port forwarding as I’m in the process of moving to Cloudflare from duckdns for this main reason.

I know that spectrum is a product already designed to handle this type of application, but I was hoping for not having to sign up for a paid hosting plan to gain access to this functionality - is there any alternative using a current free tier method?

There is the route available, but don’t want to go that route just yet if Cloudflares more secure infrastructure can handle this in any way.

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In order to connect TCP through Cloudflare, you need to have cloudflared install on the client as well. I wrote a simple blog post about running a server in docker that should be easy to switch to how you want to deploy.

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Hi Jake,

Really appreciate this blog and steps to implement - the clients in this case are pocket edition running in freetime (kids environment) on fire tablets or on iPads, do you think that this method would work to enable the connection.

a couple of my kids friends may have bedrock edition on their computers at home → in which case this would be totally doable, but tablets and app functionality - I’m just trying to think through how they would operate? Any suggestions welcomed!

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Yeah, I was afraid that something like that was going to be the case… You might be able to get it done by installing warp on their devices, as you can connect private networks however that might be too much work.

You might want to look into something like ngrok which has TCP tunnels that are easier to connect to from a client site docs.

What do you think of Would this be robust enough to not need any port forwarding? That only sits server side I believe, correct?

Never used it, but it looks like it would do what you want. Similar to ngrok and seems purely focused on Minecraft.

Thanks, Jake! Worked perfectly.

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