Connect to cloudflared service without cloudflared being installed on client device

There are multiple services I am looking to share through my domain including SSH and SMB. Is it possible to connect to these services without installing Cloudflared on the client device. I would like to access these services through my iPad or guest machine for example. Or is there an alternative solution to fit my needs?

At this time, no. Cloudflared’s authentication is via the client obtaining an authentication code and presenting that to Cloudflare before Cloudflare connects to the backend server.

There isn’t any other solution to this that Cloudflare offers, besides if you sign up for the Enterprise plan and do raw TCP/UDP forwarding through Cloudflare via Spectrum, however, that is on the order of thousands of USD a month - I can’t imagine that’s within your price point.

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Alternatively you may look into WARP to Tunnel feature, which allows user to just install one agent and gain access to the entire private network (works just like a VPN).


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