Connect system_io to cloudflare

I want to add the system_io records to Cloudflare and Cloudflare never register those records that makes it difficult to validate in my system_io account. Can someone please help me out to fix that issue?

Thank you.

It sounds like they want to verify that you have the CNAME entries by looking them up. The way you added them (I saw your other post as well), they won’t be visible to the internet as CNAMEs.

In your Cloudflare dashboard, in the DNS settings, you have them set as “proxied” with the orange cloud. Go in and edit both of them, and shut off the proxy for them. They should have a gray cloud, not orange. Then they will be visible as CNAME records.

Thank you for your help. I add those records and turn off the proxies feeatures and they are showed as DNS Only. I want to know about the default records that Cloudflare was added to my account how to get them back. I remembered there was an IPv4.

here are the records that I have in my Cloudflare account and need to connect it to system_io by adding the records to Cloudflare but Cloudflare never register the records

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