Connect server to clouflare via VPN instead of IP?


I have a Minecraft server and want it to be accessible from the outer web and instead of re-providing my ip every time it changes or paying for a static public IP from my isp. Could Cloudflare do the job?

But then the problem continues because Cloudflare needs to be re-configured with the ip changes, so can I just have a vpn connecting into my server with Cloudflare and then all traffic get routed through the VPN?

Could in theory be a cool feature if cloudflare supports it.

Alternatively there are user created tools, or you can create one yourself, that update the DNS record using the Cloudflare API when your IP changes.



Thanks for replying so quickly.

How should the config be to allow all in/outbound on port 25566 to allow both TCP/UDP?

I have been clicking around, with rules, firewall DNS and egress policies but nothing works?

And how to disable the robot/captcha check to allow Minecraft to traffic with no throttle?


At this time this is something we do not offer. However you may be able to accomplish what you would like to do with a Cloudflare tunnel.

Cloudflare has 2 options for this.

Option 1 - Every client (=player) needs to install and configure Warp or Cloudflare Tunnel on their computers. Only practical if it’s just you and some friends playing on the server.

Option 2 - Spectrum (a paid add-on) allows you to have players connect like normal, but your server is accessed via a tunnel. However, you should be aware that Spectrum is fairly expensive at 1$/GB of traffic.

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