Connect pages to GitHub organization

I’m having trouble connecting cloudflare to a GitHub organization. I have installed the app several times in GitHub, and made a repository available. Everything works if the repository is in my personal account, but not when a part of the organization.

I have not found anywhere, neither on GitHub nor Cloudflare to specify which cloudflare account own the organization. How can I tell Cloudflare that I want my account to be the one owning the org?

Or do I need to create a new account at Cloudflare to make this work? I feel there is either a recent change, or I am missing something important, as there are a lot of working orgs.

Thanks up front

What do you see when trying to connect the org? You don’t need to do anything special other than in your Cloudflare account add the GitHub org like you did for your personal.

When I clock the add link in cloudflare, it takes me to GitHub where I see a list of orgs and my user. If an org already has the app it says configure, otherwise nothing. If I click it, the cloudflare app is either opened for config, or installed.

What I don’t understand is how Cloudflare knows which account is intended for a given organization. The app has no settings about connecting it to a specific account. Either cloudflare as a whole as access or not.

For 3xample, I have a second org that is managed by a different cloudflare account. This one also shows up with the configure option.

I am one of the owners in both these organizations.