Connect New Website from Godaddy to Cloudflare is it affect my Gsuite?

Hello There,

I have one website which is currently hosted with the godaddy servers. Now I am going to configure the cloudflare in that wordpress website for faster speed.

Now After Changing the nameserver at the godaddy to cloudflare is it affect my gsuite emails as well ?

In Godaddy DNS I have added the MX Records of the Gsuite. Do I need to add the same MX Records at cloudflare as well ? or I have add the all the DNS records here in Cloudflare ?

I don’t want to loose my emails at all. I just want to configuration to be smooth proceess.

Looking forward to great community help.

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Hi @ankitgajjer,

You should make sure that all your DNS records, including those for GSuite are copied over in the Cloudflare dashboard before you change the nameservers. It should then work as expected.

Okay Thank you ! so before changing to nameserver in godaddy first I will copy all the records from godaddy including MX Records and A records and TXT records to Cloudflare. at Location
Dashboard -> Click on DNS tab at top -> add everything at there and then change in the godaddy server…

I hope I shared proper procedure here… Let me know.

Yes, that’s correct. When you added your domain, some of the common records should have been automatically added. Check that those match and add any that are missing.


Okay Thanks @domjh. do you know how much time it will take to transfer successfully ? after changing the DNS server ?

It can take up to 48hrs, but it is generally quicker. You also shouldn’t get downtime as long as all your DNS records match.

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