Connect my OVH hosted wrdpress to cloudflare

Hello, I have bought my domain name from , I have changed the nameservers there to look at the Cloudflare nameservers.

I have a hosting server to OVH and I have created there a wordpress website with the domain name same as to the domain provider and Cloudflare.

Although still my domain name is not connected with the server where my website is hosted. Can you please help me out?

Can I do anything specific in the side of my DNS settings in the worpress site?

What’s the site?

the site is

I see the website propagation is almost complete. However, it looks to be you are missing the records either in host or Cloudflare? Have you updated the NS records in the host ovh?

Have you typed this is the ip address of my server in the content. If so please remove. keep only the ip

No I have only typed the IP address, the other text “this is the ip address of my server” is just a comment for you

Okay. In your host side, the NS records are not updated. Would you update them?
This is your record:

Add this

Ohhh OK I will do it now and let you know about it.

Yes that should be that way.

Have you added CAA record in the Cloudflare?

Hey, no I haven’t added that to Cloudflare. Can you send the record ?

Thank you so much for your help!

I don’t see any difference yet, it doesn’t load the html from the server when I hit the

Maybe it needs more time to take the changes?

Here is the link for you. See the record n add the same.

It is because your website is trying to load the https version but you do not have the necessary records installed.

How can I correct that also? So I can finally see my website?

I hope you’ve added the record properly. Does it look like this?

I haven’t done it yet, but I will . Is this needed only you think so I can see my website from the host side?

I can’t say yet. But Yes for now. Once you fix this, we’ll have to figure out if any records missing. At the same time, may I suggest you to delete the images (which contains ip details) you’ve uploaded in the thread?

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