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Hi there
Can someone help me ? I have been told my email needs to be set up through Cloudflare I have no idea how todo this ?

Can you share some more details?

Are you talking about creating email related DNS records or are you trying to configure email routing?

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Hi there
Thank you for your reply.
Iā€™m really not sure. I rang Vodien and they said Cloudflare has to set up the email . I paid Vodien for the email. I am very uneducated in this area .

It appears that Vodien is a hosting company that has email services among their offerings. They appear to offer their own email and Microsoft 365 email packages. Do you know which you purchased?

Either way they are most likely suggesting that you set up the relevant DNS records on Cloudflare. What those records consist of will depend on which email service your purchased from them.

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