Connect from other countries to Italy

I’m in China and I want to connect to Italy, but I still cannot find how with Zero Trust.
Anyone can help me?

I’m not clear what the issue is. Zero Trust shouldn’t be much different from a regular connection.

What issue are you running into?

Let me try to explain better.
I’m in china and cloudflare (zero trust) give me as closest fastest connection to HongKong. I wish I can connect to Italy as my country of origins, so I will get more news and info when connect with google related to Italy, also and not only I will not get news in Chinese language that I cannot read :smiley:. I hope now the explanation is more clear. Pls let me know if have any possibility to change the connection location.

Cloudflare Zero Trust is not designed to be a location changing service like some VPN services.


I understand your feedback, but when I’m connected for example i cannot use linkedin, or other websites, so that’s why I try to change location if there is some way.
Thanks if you can give feedback.

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