Connect Domain to cloudflare, add Workspace and also redirect domain to url

I have connected an external domain to Google Workspace through Cloudflare, all is working after I added the required MX records (there are no other records added).

But I also want to redirect that domain I am using in Google Workspace to another URL. I cant seem to do it.

The NS on my domain registrar are:

(The IPs added automatically in the registrar)

Then in cloudflare, I created a single redirect rule. Static, to another URL
But Its not working. When I enter the domain it shows an error:

This site can’t be reached


Hope someone can help me out

If you are redirecting from then you need a DNS record for it.

Go to your DNS records in the dashboard here…
…and add a dummy proxied DNS record for the domain (@) as A or AAAA 100::

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Thanks!!! Worked perfect

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