Connect Domain to ArtStation

I need to connect my domain purchased from here to I’ve followed their instructions but I want to make sure things are configured correctly. How to I do that?

You don’t seem to have set the records yet…

Set them up by copying the values from your screenshot into here in your dashboard…

Apologies, this is for, not I have copied this info in the records and it still doesn’t seem to work.

You have “too many redirects”…

Set your SSL/TLS to “Full (strict)” here…

Okay, so with that change, I’m getting “Invalid SSL Certificate” Error 526. To get past that I have to downgrade to Full or Flexible. However my website still does not look properly. It’s close though.

Make sure your origin service is working on HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate. You can pause Cloudflare, or set the DNS entries to “DNS only”, to bypass Cloudflare to check directly to the server. Once that is working, you can unpause/proxy the DNS entries to put Cloudflare’s proxy back in place.

Always use “Full (strict)” to ensure connections are secure end-to-end and to protect your users’ data.

Disabled my proxies and paused Cloudflare. Genuinely confused why it isn’t working. Unless there is something I’m missing in these instructions.

So, I’ve disabled cloudflare and turned off the proxies and I still am not able to load my site correctly.

It’s not paused, it’s still giving a Cloudflare error page.
[edit] Now it is.

The SSL certificate for your site is in the name of

Ignoring that I get " Not found - The site you are looking for wasn’t found." so seems something needs to be set up at that end. Keep Cloudflare paused until your site works as debugging it behind the proxy is hard.

I was about to be very confused haha. Here’s the images anyway.

Gotcha. So are you saying it’s likely an ArtStation thing, not Cloudflare DNS?

Yes, sorry. Didn’t work at first, but now is paused ok.

Talk to your host, get the site working there first (connections are direct to it, Cloudflare is not involved, other than the DNS settings you have which match what you were asked to set).

Once it’s working, you can come back and finish the Cloudflare set up.


Everything seems to be working now. Thanks for the help!


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