Connect domain name to Adobe Portfolio

Hi Community,

I am having a challenge sifting through all the potential advice, solutions…

So, am asking anew:

I am trying to connect my domain name to Adobe Portfolio, have done the DNS A Record Type changes at the domain registrar (Hetzner) and Cloudflare… more than 2 days ago.

Hetzner mentions: This domain is currently using external DNS servers. Please note that the settings shown here are therefore not publicly available. The values for the following DNS servers apply:

Keeps on getting error message on Adobe Portfolio:
Oops! Looks like your domain settings have not yet been configured correctly with our IP address

I need to change DNS settings to:

Not sure what I am missing or doing wrong…

Any guidance or advice will be most welcome.

Thank you.


Adobe Portfolio probably expects that your site resolves directly to their servers. This means you can’t use Cloudflare’s proxy features. Try editing those DNS records to set them to :grey: DNS Only. You can toggle it by clicking on the :orange: until it changes to :grey: and then save. It will take five minutes to take effect.

Thank you very much.

I appreciate it.


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