Connect Cloudflare with Namecheap domain and Godaddy hosting

Hey community,
I have a question which has probably been asked a million times i just couldn’t find the answer for it. I have a domain on namecheap and when i change the dns to cloudflare’s I’m stuck what to do to also make it work with godaddys hosting account as godaddy also ask to change the dns to their version exclusively - therefor removing the cloudflare dns record from the same fields. Help please :slight_smile:

Hi @bernath.adam,

You should make sure that all your DNS records in Cloudflare match those at your web host. Also make sure that if you want your site to use HTTPS, you have a certificate on your server and your SSL/TLS mode in Cloudflare set to Full (strict), to avoid any issues.

Hi @domjh ,
The problem I have is that the hosting is different from the domain registrar (namecheap and godaddy) so on namecheap i can change the dns to what cloudflare requests, but then i don’t know how to connect the domain with the hosting - since both uses the same dns entries to get control over the domain name.

I do have a few other websites connected to cloudflare without any problem, but those have the hosting and the domain from the same company so there was no issue connecting the 3 together (in that case yes, the solution is fairly easy).

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