Connect Cloudflare R2 to WooCommerce/Wordpress?


I am looking to build a website for a client who intends to use Cloudflare R2 to house multiple multi-art zip files he’d like to sell on his Wordpress website.

I’ve never done an integration like this before, but was curious what types of options I have for providing the files from the R2 storage into the users account on the backend of the site? Is there a direct download link I could copy from R2 into the WooCommerce product area?

Thanks for any insights!

Very intresting. I would like to do that, too. Is there any plugin available?

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I don’t understand your comment, you mention the integration is possible and to choose the method that best suits my needs. However I don’t see any methods or solutions offered.

Can you provide me with documentation or instructions on this?

You would need a plugin like this one to handle generating secure download links once a user has purchased the files: Woocommerce R2 Downloads

If you just copied accessible links from R2 they would be shareable by users and not secured.