Connect cloudflare page to cloudflare website domain

When you have your Cloudflare page, i don’t understand why Cloudflare don’t make it easy to connect to a Cloudflare project Website/domain

Anyway… i have my page on Cloudflare.

I connected my domain name to Cloudflare (see screenshot).

My question is: are the DNS good like this to connect my domain to the Cloudflare page?
I only used a CNAME. I’m not sure about the “_domainconnect” though.

Currently, after 2 hours, it doesn’t seem to work.
On dnschecker, all the icon are a red cross
On dnschecker/domain-health-checker, an infotip is displayed “DNS not found”

What issues are you having?

You just add it into your Pages project’s custom domains and it’s done - nothing else needs to be done.

My issues is that my Cloudflare page and domain are NOT connected together.

I created the Cloudflare page. That was easy. And i got my

I then connected my domain name which created a Website project (see screenshot)

Now i need to connect both together. The screenshot i showed is in the Cloudflare section Website => DNS. I try to edit the DNS value so my domain name use the Cloudflare page. But it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know if my CNAME are valid.

What exactly do you mean by it doesn’t seem to work?

Take a screenshot of the custom domains tab of your Pages project.

Well, when i go on my domain name. What i’m currently seeing is the godaddy parking page.

What i should see is my Cloudflare page that i connected.

What’s the domain?

Actually, it was my browser DNS who didn’t refresh the DNS cache so i was always seeing the default godaddy page.
My domain point effectively to Cloudflare servers. So that’s good !
But i have this 522 error

You will get a 522 error if the domain you’re accessing isn’t explicitly added into the Pages project - that’s why I asked to see this.

Once we’ve checked that, we can move onto other steps.

Oh sorry i missed this. I’m not sure which “custom tab” you’re talking about so i made 2 screenshots of my Cloudflare Page and 1 screenshot of my Cloudflare Website Domain

Edit: i can only post 1 image at a time

Click on this:


Then this:


Make sure your domains ( and if you want it on both) are added:


Awesome it just works instantly. (I always clicked on the “view details” link instead of the title of the project, this is why i never got the custom domain tab)
The only problem is when i go to www.{mywebsite}.com, i got a 522 error.

Did you add both (with and without www) into the custom domains part of Pages?

No i didn’t. But now i’ve just done it and it works instantly. So everything works perfectly !

(I thought i only needed to point the DNS to my Cloudflare page for it to work. I didn’t know i actually needed to say to my Cloudflare page to accept connection from a specific domain. But now i think about it, this make perfect sense.)

So all good thanks for your quick support

Yeah - the custom domains part is basically an ‘allowlist’ that stops anyone from just pointing a CNAME at your domain.

Pages uses SSL for SaaS under the hood and it requires that setup to generate your certificate and all that fun stuff.

Understood ! Thanks

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