Connect Azure blob storage

I decided to switch my static file hosting to Azure, and while attempting to use their CNAME DNS connection - It looks like this:

However, when I try to access it from my domain, I get this error:

I think that this because I have force-TLS on from Azure. But when I try to add ‘https://’ before my CNAME target, I get ‘Content for CNAME record is invalid. (Code: 9007)’
When I turn off force-TLS, I get the same error.

This is probably because you’re trying to use a multi-level-deep subdomain with Cloudflare’s SSL. CF SSL only supports one level deep subdomains unless you pay for custom hostnames in ACM. Try setting it up on its own subdomain, eg


Ok. I can now access it, at least, with HTTPS. Only now, when I go to, I get the standard XML:



<Message>The request URI is invalid. RequestId:3ee2347b-701e-0048-4c5d-e882da000000 Time:2021-01-11T21:08:15.4463880Z</Message>


What do I do?

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