Confusion regarding cloudflared tunnels

I have been seeing this message recently when using cloudflared:

You are running a Tunnel in legacy mode which will be deprecated. Please use the documentation below to switch to pre-created Tunnels for improved stability and management.

so I started looking at the cloudflared tunnel setup, I created a tunnel and a cname that points to

I added this to my cloudflare access policies

so far so good, the next step is to authenticate this tunnel and as the instructions say it prompts me for my cloudflare login, not my configured access configuration for this url

so as the instructions seem to say this is for a more “permanent” connection that isn’t meant for end user authentication, which is fine, so what is the correct method moving forward for cloudflared to authenticate via access on the remote end.

thank you

guess I answered my own question

create tunnel + cname as instructed, and on the server side use --name instead of --hostname (which is the old style of dynamically created DNS hostname)


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