Confusion between VPS server and Cloudflare services

Currently, my website is hosted on a GoDaddy VPS server. I found a tutorial on the internet that recommended changing the nameserver to Cloudflare to improve your website performance and security. Now, this is where the confusion begins.

  1. What will happen to the GoDaddy VPS server? Should I schedule the refund process?
  2. Does Cloudflare provide web hosting plans?
  3. If it doesn’t then how do they work together?

P.S - Please explain to me in layman’s terms.


No, it is not. A VPN is something you use to hide your identity / secure your connection on the internet. It might have other uses for businesses, such as granting access to privileged/confidential zones, but it’s never a hosting.



I believe you have some significant confusion going on between hosting and VPN. You have a shared hosting plan, not a VPN.

Cloudflare is short of a middleman between the people that visit your site and your hosting. In many cases, when your visitors visit your website, instead of reaching your hosting (which is very far), Cloudflare will deliver your website from a closer endpoint, resulting in a significantly faster website.

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Hi, there was a typo. It’s VPS not VPN.

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