Confusion between mobile version and site desktop: caching problem?

Hallo!!! Good morning to the community. I apologize for my English not perfect. I have the free version of Cloudflare but I’m having problems with the theme (Newspaper) that no longer distinguishes between the desktop version and the mobile version of the site. Has anyone had a similar problem? Can this be caused by the wrong Cloudflare settings? I claim that the site runs on Siteground (which has its own caching system) and I also installed the WP Rocket plugin from which I disabled the cache for mobile terminals (even WP Rocket is perfectly compatible with Cloudflare). Can you give me a tip?
Thanks a lot.

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Did you solve the problem? I also ran into this. I have a pro plan.

The likely situation is that you have a “cache everything” rule, and your website changes the page based on whether the user is on mobile/desktop. This means that if someone visits the mobile website and it gets cached, the next person to visit, even on desktop, will get that cached mobile version.

The only fix I can suggest is to disable the cache everything rule. IMO websites should be responsive or serve mobile requests from a mobile subdomain, but some still choose to do this which confuses caching servers like CF.

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