Confusion about transferring Domain

First of all, the instructions about transferring from NameCheap is not completely correct, although I can figure it out. Second, you have to “Customers must remove “WhoisGuard” from NameCheap prior to transferring the domain.”. This opens me to being IDed in the interim of doing the transfer. I am not willing to do that. Third, the email address in the domain dossier is an old one and not correct. I know that you are supposed to have a valid one, but I end up getting spmmed to death, so I don’t put a valid one in. I am not sure what email address you are going to send verifications to. If it is the one I listed on cloudfare, that would work. If you have to use the one in the domain dossier, then I am out of luck. Unfortunately, because of the confusion, I am going to have to stay with NameCheap.

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My WHOIS info is so redacted there’s not even an email address. Without that, there’s no way to confirm a transfer. No valid contact email…no transfer.

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