Confusion about Analytics GraphQL rate limits

Hey folks, I’ve just begun using the new graphql api to analytics today on our Enterprise plan.

Has anyone here explored the API and made some detailed queries? Anyone been rate limited? Limits on beta ‘tables’?

My end goal is to see how much cached traffic hits our own (origin) GraphQL server, and I’m open to solutions not involving this API as well as how to work with it. What I’m noticing is aggressive rate limiting. I’m just one dev here by myself exploring the API. I must totally misunderstand the limits because I’m hitting them often enough between typing them out that it’s barely useful. My feedback about the product is: I’d like to get more detailed information about why the rate limit was triggered so I can stop doing the bad thing too often, but at the moment I don’t know why it triggers.

Here’s my query:

  viewer {
    zones(filter: {zoneTag: "1234567890"}) {
      httpRequests1hGroups(limit: 50, filter: {datetime_gt: "2020-10-21T18:10:20.00Z"}) {
        sum {
      httpRequestsCacheGroups(limit: 150, orderBy: [cacheStatus_ASC], 
        filter: {
          clientRequestHTTPHost: "",
          clientRequestPath_like: "/graphql%",
          datetime_gt: "2020-10-20T00:00:00.00Z"
        }) {
        # sum {
        #   edgeResponseBytes
        # }
        dimensions {