Confusing UI for Domain Registration

I just start to use Domain Registration for Cloudflare

My goal, is to “lock” my domain, so that it will not be accidentally being transferred elsewhere.

My current setup is as follow

Does that mean

  1. My domain is current being LOCKED. The domain will not be transferred elsewhere.

  2. My domain is currently being UNLOCKED.

Does it mean (1) or (2) ?

Hi @yancheng.cheok,

Not 100% on this, but given other options in the UI, I believe from the screenshot that the domain is currently locked and cannot be transferred away.

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You could simply verify this by running a whois on your domain. It should show ‘clientTransferProhibited’

Since you recently moved your domain, it’s locked for 60 days by default, which shouldn’t change automatically after that period.

Those 60 days are the reason why the button is locked.
Check back in two months to verify that it’s still locked.


Mark hit it on the head, you can only register or transfer a site once every 60 days. It’s defacto locked and would be with any registrar. After 60 days you’ll have the option to lock or unlock it.