Confused with Transfer Domain to Cloudflare

Hi there

I have seen others answering this type of question but there is something which i can’t find not understand.

  1. I would like to transfer domain to CF. I have already 3 domain listed with CF but there are 2-3 more which aren’t listed, meaning that are with other registrar.
    Now, how to transfer the other domain which aren’t listed with CF?

  2. Few of domains expire 2022. Will CF charge me when the expiration time closed in or with CF charge once i have transferred i,e today?

  3. Noticed that the price is (about </>) $8. Is this price gonna be the same year to year. Why i ask this. Some domain registrar charge low the first year and increase a lot more the second year and after.

  4. Can i register from the start with CF or first do i have to register with other domain registrar and later transfer to CF?

Many thanks in advance

You can only transfer supported domains, which you’ll find at www.cloudflare .com/tld-policies/

It’s a transfer like with any other registrar with the same rules.

For the time being yes. Cloudflare sells them at-cost price. Should the price go up, it will go up here of course too.

For the time being you can only transfer. Registrations were briefly possible but have been closed again.

Honest opinion? Unless you truly want your domains on Cloudflare or have another reason to transfer them, I’d rather go for another reputable registrar. You won’t save all that much money and Cloudflare’s registrar service still has quite a few restrictions (e.g. nameservers).

Hi Sandro

Much appreciative… Your answer means a lot.

Thanks again

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