Confused with multiple cache options of Cloudflare and Siteground


I am trying to optimize my site’s Google Pagespeed mobile score which isn’t going beyond 77 at max. The desktop version is above 90 and for some pages at 99/100.

My WordPress site is hosted on Siteground which has Cloudflare tie-up and I have set page rules for caching everything along with Edge Cache TTL rules. I use WP-Rocket, SG optimizer as well.

I only use the WeBP image setting of SG Optimizer. Now coming to the main confusion I am having:

What is the difference between Cloudflare Full Page Caching in SG Optimizer plugin, Full page caching using Siteground’s Dynamic cache and Cache Everything option in Cloudflare page rules?

Can all three be enabled at once? I tried reading all the documentation and I got more confused! The SGO plugin mentions that enabling it will disable the CF’s page rules and it will setup worker rules. Which one is better? If this is done, do I require to enable the Dynamic cache?

My site: MHOT

Meaning, you are using Cloudflare as a integration through a SiteGround, which is a CF Partner?

Have you checked the thing if you configured WP Rocket to be compatible with Cloudflare from this article?:

Due to SG Optimizer, check the article here:

You are getting into complex caching right now, using SiteGround + SG Optimizer + WP Rocket + Cloudflare.
I truly do not recommend doing all this.

I would rather go with Cloudflare APO for WordPress:

Well, that is kind of a …

  1. Cloudflare Full Page Caching in SG Optimizer - would either mean your webpages will have their cached .html files (at the disk/ssd drive at your hosting) which are served to your visitors
  2. Full page caching using Siteground’s Dynamic cache - could be a Nginx fast_cgi cache (just like having .html files, but served from PHP which are located in RAM memory of your hosting provider)
  3. Cache Everything Cloudflare - caches either the .html pages as they appera (including cache headers, etc.)

More about Cloudflare caching here:

I believe for Full Page Cache + Cloudflare Cache Everything you would need to setup Page Rules at Cloudflare to make it work like needed.

Otherwise, your visitors would either have the same page over and over shown up, either you make some update, or have webshop, which could result a much worse stuff like all visitors would have the same products in their cart/checkout page.

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