Confused with DNS Setting and Hosting

How can I host my website on a different server, while pointing my domain name’s DNS records to Cloudflare? I’ve always been used to changing the DNS of my domain name and pointing it to and and I will have my domain name resolving to my server. I can then host it there.

Now I am really confused how I can have my domain name’s DNS pointing to Cloudflare. Where do I host my files? How do I point it to my server? Do I just add my usual 2 name servers mentioned above for my domain name, on my registrar? So I would have 4 name servers assigned to my domain name?


DNS is just an address book. Your site really doesn’t care who is in charge of your address book, as long as the entries are correct.

Your DNS records here should be a perfect match of your current DNS records. Then Cloudflare will be in charge of that address book. So you’ll need to get rid of the markcism name servers and replace them with the two that Cloudflare assigns to you.

So how can I access my website via FTP, to upload/download my files, if I only have Cloudflare name servers set for my domain name?

I prefer to set my FTP/SSH program to use the IP address of the server. That way I don’t publicly advertise the IP address of my server. Or you can add a :grey: DNS-Only hostname of whatever you want (‘ftp’ might be a bit too obvious, but it’d work) to your DNS list here.

… the IP address of what server? Apologies. I am really confused. The only setting my domain name has on Godaddy are the 2 DNS settings of Cloudflare. What server are you referring to?

It sounds like you’ve already switched over, so you should have DNS records here with the IP address of your server.

Could you show me where I can find/see my IP address? Which icon do I click? Thanks

I’m pretty sure your DNS records will be in the DNS icon. :wink:

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I see an A record with an IP address associated with it. If I have not set up any hosting for my domain name and my website is not hosted on Cloudflare, which IP address is this? I also do not see the username and password to access and upload my website’s files. Thanks for being patient with me.

Cloudflare isn’t a website file host. You’ll need to work this out with your website host. They should be able to tell you your account login and the IP address of your server.

I’m back to square one then. If on my registrar, my domain name is ONLY pointed to Cloudflare DNS, then I do not have a website host set up. I’m going in circles. How can I setup hosting for my domain name, while at the same time, only having Cloudflare DNS as the only DNS setting for my domain name?

If you want to host your site on a different server, then you need to set that up and get your new DNS information from the new host. Is GoDaddy the new host for your site?

If as you said earlier, I cannot have any other DNS setting for my domain name, aside from the assigned Cloudflare DNS, how can I point my domain name to the web hosting server?

By getting the IP address from your web host and adding it to DNS here:

I think I’m almost there. So do I add the IP address as an A Record? an AAAA Record? CNAME Record? MX Record or a TXT Record?

An “A” record.

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