Confused on Edge Caching

I’m a little confused about the Edge Caching (2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes depending on plans).

I read about Edge Caching TTL being set in Page Rules. If I don’t set page rules, will it be cached at all?

Most CDN will cache base on max-age or expire directives. If I set max-age=3600 and I’m on the free plan, will the CDN cache it for 3600s or will it cache for 2 hours?

Also, if I set s-maxage=3600, will it be cached for 3600s or will it be cached for 2 hours base on free plan?

I’m asking because my pages are dynamic, js and images are also dynamic. I use customised cache control headers for different files and do not want it to be cached for 2 hours fixed.

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