Confused... DNS records.. proxied / DNS?

I have been using cloudflare for a while now… So i thought…

But i don’t think i am actually using Cloudflare service…

All my DNS settings are Grey clouds. except for 3 CNAME Accounts… is that right? I feel like nothing on my site is being proxied and i also don’t think it is serving SSL from Cloudflare…

I think everything is DNS

BUT i remember from past when i have changed everything to Proxied then i don’t get any emails…

Am i doing something wrong? is there anyone who can advise… this may seem very straight forward to some but i actually think i am just passing all traffic through Cloudflare BUT not using the actual service… can this be the case?

I have all these DNS records BUT the only ones with a orange cloud are the Name ones…

I also went to and it gave me the following information:

my URL is using Cloudflare DNS!
is NOT using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy
is NOT using Cloudflare SSL

So what am i doing so wrong? arghhh totally feeling dumb…

Can you share the name of the domain?

Sharing as a image as prefer it not to show up in search results… (maybe it wouldn’t)…


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This is consistent with what you describe. You website is DNS-Only. No Cloudflare CDN, no Cloudflare SSL.

As for the email issue, here’s why:

So you MUST have a MX record for it to work?

I have DNS records for mail - just no MX ones

So i added 2 MX reccords for and also

Now to turn it to Proxied which A records do i turn to orange cloud?

would it be all 4 i have set up? * / www / server & or would i also add the A records for mail and webmail as proxied since i now have MX records?

Thankyour in advance

and when i add the MX records and turn all A records to proxied - i get orange ! next to the MX records!! so guessing it doesn’t work like that

To receive email, you need an MX record. It should only point to And should be set to :grey:. Everything else can be set to :orange:.

You’ll get that ! as a reminder that email doesn’t hide your website’s IP address. That’s normal when you host email and a website on the same server.

ok so this kind of looks ok?

That very first “A” record, ‘mail’ needs to be set to :grey:.

You only need one MX record. The middle one for ‘mail’ with a 1 after it (not the 100).

CDN and SSL now working on Cloudflare but emails not working again… with above settings

new records after your suggestion - the ! next to the first A is ok is it?

That’s all you need. As long as your mail app uses ‘’ for sending and receiving email, you’re all set.

See when i set up my emails on my iPhone for example i put in the server as just not with the mail bit NOT:

could that be the reason?

does that make any difference? lol

Seems like i can either have CDN & SSL or Email… hmmmmmm any further suggestions?

Sorted… thanks for the help :slight_smile:


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