Confused again

I am trying to view a page, however, when I try to view the page I am kicked back to the root domain.
I ask about this for a different site and wish I could figure out why things aren’t working.
Can you please help?

It immediately returns a 302 Redirect to the main page. Check your Page Rules for a Forwarding URL rule.

I tried, but still can’t get it to work

How can I get these pages to work?

There isn’t any Forwarding URL.
I just want to be able to view the pages.
Please help…

Then it’s probably on your server. See if your web host can track it down. You might want to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the lower right corner of your Overview page so you can troubleshoot your server.

I know exactly what I was doing incorrect.
However, when I did fix the issue that I was having.
The pages now come up as NOT https, why?
When I edit the URL so it’s it fails and I get a ERROR 521

I switched the SSL to Flexible and all seems to work now

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