Confused about SSL certificate

I recently found out that my domain name wasn’t working and when I logged in it said in my cPanel that the SSL certificate had expired. I’ve never bought an SSL certificate in my life and I’ve had websites since 2000. Now maybe I got it from here and was able to use it on cPanel, but I have no idea.

When I looked in my Cloudflare account it said I had a universal edge certificate that was due to expire in three months. Apparently, the certificate I had under cPanel expired sometime mid-2023. How do I go about fixing that? Like I said, I have never bought an SSL certificate so I must’ve been using something I got for free. It says on this site you can get one for free or rather basic, but when I try to get one the “next” button is disabled. If I click on advanced certificate the “next” button will enable.

Can someone tell me what exactly I’m not understanding here.


You can’t click next on the Universal Certificate because you already have one, as you noticed. The Universal Certificate is for use by Cloudflare, not for your server.

You could use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate for your server (only works with proxy enabled):

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