Confused about seeting up Nameservers because now I'm having triangle

Please help me come up from setting up Nameservers.

Let me explain the whole matter to you.

Cloudflare has provided me 2 nameservers and asking for replacing these from the 2 that currently I’m having, that’s okay.

I’m having a domain “” from GoDaddy and web hosting from Bluehost.

But the nameservers I’m having for this domain are already pointing towards my web hosting (currently the nameservers which I’m having for my domain are provided by Bluehost).

  1. The confusion is if I replace the nameservers provided by Bluehost to Provided by Cloudflare, whether it will work seamlessly or should I have to do something else to let it work as normal.

  2. If I replace the Nameservers then is there any changes I have to perform in my Cloudflare account.

  3. How long does it take to change all the things.?

Looking forward to have your support.

Faizan Ali

When you create a Cloudflare account and add your web address, it should automatically find all your DNS records, including the IP address of your site and any MX records for emails etc. and add them. This should mean that once you transfer your nameservers to Cloudflare, your website will continue to function as before.

When Cloudflare migrates all your DNS records over, Cloudflare will show you what it found so you can verify. Make sure you compare Cloudflare’s DNS to your current DNS entries.

As long as the DNS records (e.g. A records, CNAME, MX) match what you currently have, the website will function as before.

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