Confused about NameServers

Hi, I’ve just started administrating a mature website ( for a charity and have little experience so forgive the newbie questions…
My host provider has migrated the website (which is now unresponsive) to a new server and has advised I need to update the Cloudflare account with their Nameservers details.

I don’t have any details for an existing Cloudflare account (the prior charity admin is uncontactable) and so I re-registered the domain in Cloudfare when setting up my account (didn’t think it would let me).
Cloudflare says I should now update the domain registrar with their Nameservers details (also no account information).

So do I update Cloudflare or the registrar? And with which nameservers?

Very confused…

All sorted now…

Hi @gdemps, welcome & sorry for confusion, you do have a fair bit of stuff to unwind, but the community is here to assist and you can reach out to support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

When you add an account to Cloudflare, we assign name servers. Give those names to your domain registrar and ask them to make the change. After they make the change, it takes about 24 hours to see the change and another 24 hours to issue an ssl certificate.

The exception to changing your name servers with your registrar is if you’re signed up through a partner on a “partial” setup, that does not seem to be the case. Changing the name servers is a necessary first step as that change demonstrates you control the domain.

I see you tried but deleted the domain to your new account, you can try to add it again. If you have issues, login and tell support what’s going on, they’ll let you know the options. They’ll give an automated reply/reply with links, like what to do if you can’t access your old account -


Many thanks for such a clear answer cloonan, really helpful and I do actually understand now.

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