Confused about my modem's status

I was curious about using so I went into my modem’s settings and changed the DNS server. I also went into Windows 7 network adapter settings and changed the DNS server over to there as well.

However, my modem’s status page still says for the DNS

So I did a test and this is the result:

My modem’s status page:

I am confused about whether I am actually connected to and using ?

Modem: TP Link TD-W 9980 (not supplied by my ISP)
Windows 7 Home
Browser: Firefox


You have overridden your local DNS settings, meaning your computer won’t accept the DNS settings that your router sends anymore and instead uses the one you’ve configured locally.


Thanks. So I should change my network adapter setting back to what it was?

If you remove the override, it’ll accept the DNS settings from your router again, which may be different. Can you show a screenshot of your router’s DHCP settings to see what the configured DNS server is?

I just changed my network adapter settings back to where they were. No difference.

Here are my DHCP settings:

Everything looks good to me then. Your DHCP settings are correct, and it seems like your computer is receiving and using them, as shown in the earlier debug information screenshot which confirms that you’re using

Thanks, but why doesn’t it show for the DNS on the modem status page?

It’s still showing

I believe that’s just the DNS that your router uses for the upstream connection.
You could also override that to if you want, the setting for that is most likely under Network > WAN

This most likely not needed though, as you already make use of on devices that are connected to your router.

I don’t have any devices connected to my router. Even though I seem to be getting and using the DNS, I’m just wondering why the is not showing up on my router’s basic settings page.

Ok, so now that you mentioned it, I went back into my WAN settings again,and I just noticed there is an advanced menu option. The very last option at the bottom says, “Set DNS server manually”. Since it was unpopulated (just zeros), I filled it in with as primary and secondary.

Now my basic status page looks like this:

It’s now actually showing the DNS as (and secondary for the first time.

Thank you for pointing me back to the WAN settings. I probably wouldn’t have checked it again otherwise.

Thanks again for your help.

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