Confused about if/why I should use Cloudflare and if it's a good fit for my site


I own a webforum within a subdomain that only has a few dozen visitors a day. We have a download archive with mostly files under 10MB or 20MB, but some are 200MB-300MB plus.

My main reason for wanting Cloudflare is for security, so we can avoid DDoS attacks, or bot attacks etc. However, is Cloudflare a good fit for me? Could I get away with using the Free version for this purpose?

This is one of the primary use cases of Cloudflare. But it’s no magic wand either and won’t automatically block everything, especially when in an HTTP context. You may still need to configure rules manually.

Nobody can tell you that but you.

The Free plan works for most use cases, but you can certainly check out the comparison page if you are curious about the other features. Keep in mind, that plan comes with no technical support whatsoever.

That could be an issue, as Cloudflare’s terms specifically state that the service is primarily for web content. If you serve an occasional file, it won’t be an issue, but if your primary use case is file hosting, that may be a violation and get the account suspended. You’d need to use one of the paid services for that (not the pain plans, but the add-on services).


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