Confused about custom rules and hits on AWS load balancer

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  1. I have added a waf custom rule blocking all requests (not in {"AU" "BE" "CA" "DK" "FR" "DE" "IN" "IE" "IT" "NL" "NZ" "NO" "SG" "SE" "CH" "GB" "US" "FI"}) . However, when I look at the traffic data on Cloudflare I can see some entries with 200 status but originating from countries like Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria. What could be the reason for the same? I do see a vast majority of the requests from these countries are blocked (403) as intended but confused as to why any request is passing at all.
  2. The other issue is that I have added cloudflare in front of my AWS load balancer. If I see 20k 200 status requests in Cloudflare, the corresponding number when I check in AWS waf logs is much higher (order of 10x). Could there be a reasoning for this stark difference in volume I see on the AWS front. I have checked that all hits on the AWS front are from Cloudflare IPs.

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