Confused about custom domain support

I have a site where users can point their own domain to mine and I plan on using Cloudflare.

From my current set up, all subdomains are pointed to their respective directories.

If a user visits, they are pointed to the usual

If a user visits *, they would be pointed to*.

However, users are able to use their own domain by creating an ALIAS record that points to My NGINX config files point those custom domains to the respective directories.

For example, points to - and the NGINX virtual host points it to

If I change my Nameservers to Cloudflare’s, will that mess up the subdomains and custom domains.

From the DNS management page in the Cloudflare dashboard, they’ve imported all the exact records I’m using. Based on that, I’m assuming subdomains would work since there is an A Record with a ***** hostname.

However, what about the users that created ALIAS records for their custom domain pointing to

Would everything work correctly for them?

Side question: On the DNS management, it says my ***** A Record to handle the subdomains exposes the IP address behind Is there a way to fix that?

Thanks for your time!

I can’t find the edit button, but to clarify:

For the text that says *****, it means the hostname for that record is a single asterisk

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