Confused about Cloudflare


Sorry noob here again. Is Cloudflare for website owners or end consumers? I saw a piece on LinusTechTips that let me believe that this was something that just a plain user could use to block their ISP from collecting data. I do not host a website just merely a user. Is this product for people like me??


There are two different faces to Cloudflare since the launch of the Public DNS Resolver.

  1. the Cloudflare business, which is the way they make mokey, where they proxy HTTP(S), and other protocols, traffic for customers using their servers.
  2. the DNS resolver which is a public DNS resolver (like the Google’s one), but they are more privacy-centric. They don’t prevent your ISP from seeing the traffic (you need a VPN for that), but solve issues with speed, security and privacy related to DNS queries.

Look here ( if you want more info or ask away!

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