Confuse with Load balancer and DNS query

I want to start load balancing to my account. but I am confuse with few stuff. I have 30k visitor in 24 hours but in Cloudflare it shows 80k dns query in just 1 hours. can anyone just explain how this works. Where can i find the billable dns query? I mean I need to see how much i spend today and in total which will be charged in next month. I can’t be blind here, I do have budget.

and can anyone please explain this one?

You can reduce the number of authoritative DNS queries by configuring your Load Balancer as “proxied” (orange cloud) for your HTTP(S) services, which will set the external DNS TTL to 5 minutes, maintain failover performance equivalent with very short DNS TTLs.

DNS queries are made by machines to resolve hostnames and then (normally) that answer is cached by the local machine or forwarder for the value specified in the DNS entry’s time to live (TTL) setting. For a given hostname (generally) a user will be able ot make multiple requests to the server without forcing additional DNS queries to revalidate the value during the TTL. So that might mean 1 web request or thousands depending on the site and the visitor.

The queries will be for the host names being used behind the load balancer. So if you are load balancing for, but not for the only DNS queries which will be counted are for the www record. The first 500,000 queries are included so you could certainly turn it on to get an idea for the record(s) you wish to load balance.

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